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Tammy Zechman: Psychic Readings & intuitive therapy Welcome to your Baton Rouge source for personal spiritual therapy, psychic readings and mediumship. Individual sessions and group or party readings as well

Welcome to your Baton Rouge source for personal spiritual therapy, psychic readings and handmade healing crystal jewelry. I am a certified Intuitive and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, including past life regression. I provide personal spiritual therapy. Both group and private sessions are available. Book your appointment now! Skype sessions available soon!

ITS YOUR TURN!! Let’s schedule you that shift you need to enter our whole new world.

ITS YOUR TURN!! Let’s schedule you that shift you need to enter our whole new world.

SIX CARD PULL FOR TODAY AND OUR NEW WAY OF BEINGFull moon, eclipse and equinox. Holy smokes!! How we doing? Treading wat...

Full moon, eclipse and equinox. Holy smokes!! How we doing? Treading water? Drowning? Going under then back up for air, repeat? How bout staying afloat? Relaxing on a raft?Walking on water?
We got a couple more weeks of this my lovelies. The void abides. How bout the dude?( that's you, me, the significant others). More than ever we are all in this together. Remember, put your own life jacket on FIRST.
Remembering there are two sides to astrological, personal and ascension energetics is vital. I often struggle when reporting because it takes so much time and so many words to describe daily the higher vibrational effects versus the lower vibrational effects of daily energetic changes and how it is our own focus that causes our being in lower or higher vibrations, to the point of not engaging this aspect of energetics in my pulls. Luckily for us, we have Laura Walkers clever arrangement of such information to look to for that. Laura Walkers catalysts for change and true alignments sections of her daily oracle reports sum them up quite nicely each day.
However today the cards layout just perfectly as an example of this phenomenon. With the nature cards I use the intentions they will tell us where we are, how we're feeling, where we're being led. The nature cards are the smaller cards laying on top of the larger ascended master cards. The ascended master cards I use with the intention of giving us straightforward guidance. These decks never fail me. I love the spirit guides so much for their willingness to accept my intentions in using the decks.
So today we have a perfect example of the higher and lower vibrational frequencies we may find ourselves in. With the nature cards we find conflict, fear, stormy and foggy emotional weather, last month of the natural year, urging us to do our final restructuring before new times begin. ( the second wave of ascension will begin soon, but that's another post indeed). Equinox, full moon and eclipse anyone?
Yet look at the lovely nature card in the middle. We are told in no uncertain terms exactly what to do in these voids. Nurture yourself. It's always about you and never about the other. As without so within, right? As above so below, remember? We put on our life jacket first, before we go and try to save another. Nurture yourself. Ready yourself for the fertile silt left behind when the waters recede.
But how do we weather this major energetic shift in our lives with calm resolve as our raft is being tossed upon the waves of emotions, old hurts rising to be released, old conflicts being brought to our attention, fears seeming to be lurking with every thought?
Ahh, see how marvelous the ascended master cards bring the answers, the guidance? It just warms my heart. The ascended masters tell us when the emotional seas are rough going remember this is a cleansing period. It's a gift from spirit literally doing the washing away for us. A gift of purification needed by us in order to better receive to coming new vibrations. Ascension "processing" if you will. So we stay in appreciation which keeps us floating above the conflicts.
How do I nurture myself we ask. What does that mean? It seems as if we should be doing something. How can we continue to calmly lay on our rafts, isn't that irresponsible? But we forget, the trust that all really is well and that the ascension process is leading us towards better not worse, IS the action we take, that is the life jacket.
So how do we nurture ourselves? We find appreciation in the moments. We do not look ahead we do not look behind. Our moment of power is the moment we are in and being in appreciation in the moment brings joy even when the seas are rough.
If this sounds familiar to a most recent post about walking on water theres a reason for this repetition. We are in a month long balsamic moon energetics. This energetic asks us to dream, imagine, create our coming year with our thoughts of how we'd like to feel in this time space reality.
We are being asked to remain in appreciation, to dream a dream, to understand the power of joy. It is our ability to be joyful that OPENS OUR HEARTS TO LOVE. ( you didn't think I would go through a whole post without mentioning LOVE did you?)
Love yourself by being okay with the conflicts you feel, the fact that sometimes you are fearful, that sometimes you struggle when you know full well struggling will get you caught up in the riptide. Appreciate your willingness to be here, that you exist and you are all emotions for that's what existing is. In so doing, you find the ability to laugh at your foilables. Now you are able to find joy. From fear and judgement to joy. See how that works? And now your heart is opening from the vibrational uplifting of laughter and joy which dissipate fear.
You are the raft and you are the stormy sea and you are the joy and you are the sunshine. It's you, you see? You playing in the sea of energetics being free to be.
We are not concerned with the stormy seas, for it is our power to focus on appreciation and then feel joy which opens our hearts to love which calms the waters we walk upon. I AM THAT I AM. We are all of it and we get to chose by focusing on what we prefer how we will ride out the storms. What do you chose? -TZ


I had a reading with Tammy due to the energy lately making me feel crazy and then I lost my pet whom I’ve had for 18 years. Tammy helped me so much understand it all and to receive messages from loved ones who had crossed over. I would definitely recommend if you are feeling lost or broken to get a reading❤️😇 Candace Levy Mixon

Starting with a few quotes by unknown...“Some days you eat the bear, somedays the bear eats you.”( a good one when ones ...

Starting with a few quotes by unknown...

“Some days you eat the bear, somedays the bear eats you.”
( a good one when ones shadow is activated and geez boy is mine right now)

“He who points to the sun is not the sun.”

( a good one to remind myself that ADVOCATING for positive thinking therapy and law of attracting coaching keeps one ever aware of ones own behavior, positive or negative. Knowing how and doing it are two separate things.)

“Praise what you love, instead of bashing what you hate.”

( Good reminder to reassess why you advocate what you advocate with a refreshing remembering of how you got to this point in belief. Especially when others are NOT practicing this and you are in their crosshairs.)

Then the flip side( when you find others have no such intention and decide what you are advocating is harmful and they must “ USE THEIR VOICE”, “ SPEAK THEIR TRUTH” or ‘ educate me’ publicly.) I need to remind myself no need to defend, just praise.

The final quote that started me sharing this rambling...
“ The most personal is the most universal.”
I’ve felt strongly guided in the last week to include shadow work in my clients readings. Little did I know my own shadow was about to activate on full throttle! 😳😬😂

So I’m sharing this in hopes anyone else who might be trying to find mindful balance during activated shadow can also use these quotes to help them.

When in shadow, best believe those can be days of the bear eating you. But remembering I’m a human and not the sun reminds me that to be without shadow means the is no sun. So I point to the sun in appreciation that I might release my need to fight the bear. There is love in that choice. The mind cannot be in defensive mode and loving mode at the same time.
So I can praise how far I come and I can praise my shadow for reminding me there are subconscious negative beliefs and old patterned thinking that wants to be loved. While praising this process I love myself. While understanding this process I Allow release, I let it go.

So today I share the most personal, hoping to add high vibes to the universal.
The law of attraction cards spoke exactly to my shadow issues.

With so much bashing going on, from outside and now with my shadow activate, inside as well, searching for the positive of why I do what I do, my life’s purpose comes into question for reassessment. The first card reminded me.

Second card speaks directly to the physical effects of shadow. If we don’t remember to praise and love what we find, dis-ease happens, be it emotional, mental or physical.

The third card brings comfort in reminding we each have a path. We each get to choose. In my uniqueness I can find joy or I can find defense. I get to choose.

I first love me so I can love you, there can be no other way. - Tammy Zechman

My readings help you to reconnect with your true purpose, your true hearts desires. They come through with specific guid...

My readings help you to reconnect with your true purpose, your true hearts desires. They come through with specific guidance that will allow you to calm your stress and fears. My readings give you the opportunity to see your circumstances in a different light and how your connection with angels and the great I AM , with nature and animals, and loved ones is all here for you, to show you the way towards your BEST AND GREATEST GOOD.
If you're struggling, confused, wishful yet not sure, we'll get to the bottom of things and you'll leave your reading feeling comforted and sure that THINGS CAN WORK OUT AND WILL.
i love you, it can be no other way-TZ

Today, we are asked to celebrate our heart centeredness. Viewing from our hearts can feel unsettling at first as we begi...

Today, we are asked to celebrate our heart centeredness. Viewing from our hearts can feel unsettling at first as we begin to feel what is not love in our focus. This sensitivity may have us running back into our heads and we return to ego.
So we remember with dogged determination our sense of peace being in the heart also allows. We understand this sensitivity is old stuck patterns and we know behind those patterns are gifts, our personal gifts that only we can bring to humanity for its best and greatest good. We cradle ourselves in all our birthing of these gifts back into our wholeness.
We are the rainbows.
I love you,there can be no other way. - Tammy Zechman


“So I had the absolute pleasure of spending some time with Tammy Zechman this week.... She generously donated a spiritual reading to a benefit and I won it in the silent auction. It's rare that I feel uncomfortable, in most any situation but I cannot explain the even deeper sense if calm I felt the moment we walked into her reading space. And the insight, the confirmation, the answers I received while we were together.... The only word I can use is enlightening. My time with Tammy was just enlightening. If you're EVER in the market for a reading, please be good to yourself and contact her.”
- Patti Blevins Heard

Ah, election time in America and when you have friends ‘across the isle’.  Can we have empathy for the devil? At what po...

Ah, election time in America and when you have friends ‘across the isle’. Can we have empathy for the devil? At what point do we draw the line for vulnerability?

Facing hate and fear in others, and the hate and fear in ourselves, can be quite tricky.
Keeping ones heart and mind open is an act of bravery, faith and trust.

In the process of learning, sometimes we must give up "truths" that we once held so dear.

Experiencing release of beliefs that no longer serve us allows for empathy for others. For just as hard it is for ourselves to give up our truths, in so doing, we begin to understand how hard it is for others to give up their "truths" . But truly, must we not first be willing to listen?

We really are in this together and hearing from our friends ‘across the aisle’, will give us perspective and even empathy, IF we can but put our own fears aside. Easier said than done I know.

Fear is the opposite of love. Hate is a side effect of unheard fear or misunderstood fear when heard. If we can but remember that hatred is fear masquerading, perhaps we can give fear a chance to be heard.

The mask of hatred is created by so many experiences of feeling not loved. That which feels not love cries out for love in the most unlovable ways.

This ‘truth’ I hold so dear is a truth some use against us. They prey upon our fears. Americans are bombarded with fear mongering by both sides of the aisle. Divide and conquer seems to be the over riding "truth" of winning votes.

That is their choice. It is not mine, although I find my fears sometimes rise from within and feel surges of hatred, I must practice my beliefs even when facing the frightening masks of fear.

Can I love you, can there be any other way? - Tammy Zechman

Projection is rampant and seriously ramped up right now. (Duck for cover!! 😂) Projection is a side effect of fear of vul...

Projection is rampant and seriously ramped up right now. (Duck for cover!! 😂) Projection is a side effect of fear of vulnerability.
Sure sign the astrological weather is insisting we take responsibility for our actions and our feelings. That we take a look at beliefs that disallow growth. Beliefs that were perhaps taken on subconsciously during trauma and keep us in a loop of self-victimization through projection ( thus repression).

As a person who has experienced sexual abuse, alcoholism, chronic pain and addiction to narcotics, anxiety and depression...( geez that’s some resume 🤦🏻‍♀️)

...I can tell you this. I had to change, I had to put myself and my beliefs in check in order to find well being again.

This storm is popping up awareness of old wounds and the old feelings related to those wounds, way more often than I’d like.
During astrological storms such as we are experiencing, Im finding I must return to the new beliefs and my new way of being, way more often than I’d like.
I must practice using my awareness and being the observer so I can continue thinking in a way that feels better to think.

Why such annoying, tiresome and perhaps frustrating astrological weather, bringing up seemingly out of nowhere, thoughts or remembrances of old traumas?

This storm is doing so I can now practice my new way of being, to respond differently to the old wounds. Time to walk your talk Tammy.

In so doing, more better deeper release of the traumas occurs. No more repressing or projecting. ( I’ve experienced how much not-well-being that causes and I say to myself “oh hell no” and I’m also remembering to pat myself on the back when I do so and to give myself a break when I don’t do so. After all, I’m practicing because I’m not perfect. I am human.

So what’s the good news?

Old pattern thinking based on no longer held beliefs, (that got me in such a state of experiencing not-well-being,) is becoming easier and easier to catch before it takes me into anger, rage, bitterness and projecting. The more practicing I do, the deeper I release ( plug in the ice princess and the let it go soundtrack 🙅🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️)

And as trite as it sounds, trusting the process and practicing being the observer saved me from my self abuse causing my not- well- being. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

This new way of responding allows for accepting my feelings as mine and choosing how I’m gonna deal with them. I’m now empowered, I’ve taken my power back that I subconsciously gave away.

It allows me to solidify within me the new foundation I’m building based on my new chosen beliefs instead of subconsciously chosen beliefs based on trauma.
This gives birth to my new way of being. It’s about me. It always has been about me.

What does ramped up projection ( thus repression ) look like? First let me say this... All of this is a spoonful of medicine that no amount of sugar is gonna help go down.
It is frustrating to accept at times and it can be shocking to our system sometimes. It is even difficult to believe, at first. Or at least this is what I experienced.

Secondly, shooting the messenger is also projection. ( 😂 see what I did there? )

“you need to act,change or treat me differently, THEN I can feel better.”

“It’s not me, it’s you, the government,society,religion. If the whole world would change, then I could feel better, be less anxious, less depressed and be better.”

“Well it’s true that their behavior is abusive, disrespectful, hurtful so this is not about me, it’s about how I feel about what they did. Don’t tell me I get to choose how I’m gonna feel. I have no choice in this matter, because outside circumstances create the responses within me, not me.”

Ahhh you tricky tricky projection you.

Now here’s the another distasteful spoonful...
Is it possible, this projecting is our traumatized self being vehemently protected by our traumatized ego? The world seen through our trauma glasses?

What if it is the beliefs we hold that keep us from allowing inner peace, calmness, serenity, clarity? What if the beliefs we hold are doing the damage that insists we continue to see the world through our trauma?

What if no one can hurt your feelings, it’s only your interpretation of their behavior that is hurting your feelings?

All of this is a spoonful of medicine that no amount of sugar is gonna help go down. It is frustrating work at times. It is tiring work sometimes. It is shocking to our system sometimes. ( yep I know I repeated it.)

This is the persistence that changed me from wretchedness. It was the change in me that in turn changed my world, my relationships, my abundance and prosperity.

Do we wait for the world to change in order to find inner peace? Or do we become the change we wish to see in the world?

You really really really do get to choose. I trust it so.
I love you,there can be no other way. - Tammy ( the annoyingly persistent sharer) Zechman


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Thank you so much for my reading last night!